TFFL welcomes Travis to the league

The league welcomes Travis. He’s entering his fourth season of FF, all with Yahoo. Last season could have handed him the Ship had Cam Newton not been such a bust. He did however win his league Championship in 2015. Travis is currently a Computer Science major at the University of Wisconsin. Originally from Tennesssee, he still hasn’t jumped on the Titan’s bandwagon, however he is a die hard Vol’s fan.  Welcome and good luck Travis.

TFFL welcomes Colin to the league

The league welcomes Colin. He played his first season last year in a family ESPN league and ended up finishing in third place. Starting out going 2 and 6 he was able to acquire Lev B through a nicely packaged trade. Colin then proceeded to go on a 5 game winning streak to win his division and secure a bye week in his league’s three week playoffs. Having Zeke on his team has turned him into a Cowboys fan. Colin is ambitious to learn as much as he can about FF this year and reach for the Championship. Welcome and good luck Colin.

TFFL welcomes Billy to the league

The league welcomes Billy. He brings ample skills to the league having played FF for close to 10 years with both Yahoo and ESPN, as well as managing multiple leagues. Last season Billy’s team got off to a slow start going 0 and 3 only to be rescued by Lev Bell week 5 all the way to winning the Championship. His fave teams are the Cowboys and the Titans, after moving from Texas to Tennessee.  Welcome and good luck Billy.

TFFL welcomes Brandon to the league

The league welcomes Brandon. He has played FF for over 18 years with CBS sports, NFL, Yahoo and Fleaflicker. Born and bred in Utah, his church is football, where there are only two seasons, off season and football season. Brandon is also currently playing in a dedicated league of ten years where he has made the playoffs seven times and won the Championship twice. He is also a diehard Seahawk fan. Welcome and good luck Brandon.

TFFL welcomes Joey to the league

The league welcomes Joey. He has managed to keep pace with his fave team, the Patriots, by capturing 2 Championships in the last three years since starting FF. Joey is looking forward to putting his winning ways to the test, matching up against nine guys that are determined to win that ring. His enthusiasm and competitiveness make him a perfect fit for TFFL . Welcome and good luck Joey.