da crew


“The Ace of Spades”

AKA ” Da Commish”

” Winning the Championship is where it’s at, everything else is life in loserville. What makes this league especially challenging is the talent, skill, knowledge and experience that all the managers have. Forget about even having a chance of winning the “Ship” if you’re not ready and fully engaged throughout the entire year. Preparing to pickup the best players at the draft, earning the W’s week to week, making winning trades and most important never giving up will give you a chance. Rob is a great example of playing tough, starting out last season with a 0 and 5 record, he never gave up, kept making moves and made a winning trade that won him the Championship. All I ask as “da commish” is that you come prepared to win the Championship and play tough throughout the entire season regardless of how your season is unfolding. “



“The Scout”

” TFFL’s current champion here. I’m from San Francisco, California and I really enjoy fantasy sports. This is my 3rd year in this league, and 7th year overall playing fantasy sports. This league and it’s members have a dynamic approach to fantasy football in a way I’ve never seen before. Unlike other leagues, we take an active approach to roster management and league engagement to keep the fantasy season fresh and rejuvenating. What makes TFFL enjoyable for me are the other members. Last year brought 10 highly competitive managers. I was able to turn an dismal 0-5 start into a winning fantasy season. Not easy, but with a ton of effort on my behalf it was doable. If you’re seeking an authentic fantasy experience, look no further! ”





“The Terp”

” The competitiveness of the TFFL is something I had not experienced before joining this league. You best be on your ‘A’ game week in and week out or you will fall behind the rest of the pack! Be prepared to play all your cards, from the draft to the waiver wire. This league makes every single week of football exciting and fun, as we discuss all the latest news and all the incredible plays we witness from Thursday night to Monday night. This league has no rest and that’s how fantasy football should be enjoyed. “



“The Pat’s Fan”

” Being in this league for just one season, it’s been the most fun I’ve had in FF. Win or lose, you’ll end up having a great time as well. Plus the shit talking is gold, just don’t get butt hurt about it. “





“The closet Taylor Swift fan”

” This league is one of the best I’ve ever played in, it’s competitive all season long and the trash talking is definitely a perk. The short bench makes things interesting, especially once bye weeks hit. Do yourself a favor and join this league if the opportunity arises, it’s by far the most competitive league I’ve been part of, even more so than my paid leagues. “



“The Day-Trader”

 ” The TFFL is the best and most competitive league I’ve played in. Everyone is always involved with their team, making moves, making trades and generally doing the best they can to beat you down each week. These guys never stop trying to win. It’ll take your best to win week to week and you’ll have to do even better than that if you want to go to the playoffs. The shorter bench than most leagues makes things a lot more interesting and involves a lot more involvment from you to manage your players properly. It also changes the value of a lot of bubble guys on your team because you can’t always afford to hold onto them
long enough to see if they’ll pay off in the long term.

Make your choices, pick your guys, and don’t hesitate to cut underperformers. If you mess up, it’ll be that much harder to claw your way back in this league.”