da crew


“The Ace of Spades”

” Winning the Championship is where it’s at, everything else is life in loserville. What makes this league especially challenging is the talent, skill, knowledge and experience that all the managers have. Forget about even having a chance of winning the “Ship” if you’re not ready and fully engaged throughout the entire year. Preparing to pickup the best players at the draft, earning the W’s week to week, making winning trades and most important never giving up will give you a chance. Rob is a great example of playing tough, starting out last season with a 0 and 5 record, he never gave up, kept making moves and made a winning trade that won him the Championship. All I ask as “da commish” is that you come prepared to win the Championship and play tough throughout the entire season regardless of how your season is unfolding. “



“The Scout”

” TFFL’s current champion here. I’m from San Francisco, California and I really enjoy fantasy sports. This is my 3rd year in this league, and 7th year overall playing fantasy sports. This league and it’s members have a dynamic approach to fantasy football in a way I’ve never seen before. Unlike other leagues, we take an active approach to roster management and league engagement to keep the fantasy season fresh and rejuvenating. What makes TFFL enjoyable for me are the other members. Last year brought 10 highly competitive managers. I was able to turn an dismal 0-5 start into a winning fantasy season. Not easy, but with a ton of effort on my behalf it was doable. If you’re seeking an authentic fantasy experience, look no further! ”



“Squad of Gold”

” Hey there, I am a student at the University of Arizona where I am pursuing my degree in accounting. I spend all the time I can on the golf course, or on the couch watching sports. I am excited to be returning this year to the fantasy league that I was able to once hoist the 1st place trophy. The exciting part about this league is the competitive spirit that takes place on a week-to-week basis. Winning a matchup isn’t easy let alone climbing up the standings mid-season trying to creep into the playoffs. Going out on a 6-game win-streak from the middle of the pack isn’t the traditional route to a championship, however this is the way I accomplished mine. The underdog prevailed once again last year when Rob hoisted the league’s Lombardi trophy after beginning the season 0-5.  The thunder has been stolen, and a new (Th)under dog is in town. I plan on stealing anyones waivers by any means necessary to re-claim my throne as the TFFL Champion once again.

P.S. The only thing the cowboys ever win is the headlines.

Also P.S. Jordy stop getting hurt Geeeeezzzz “



“The Terp”

” The competitiveness of the TFFL is something I had not experienced before joining this league. You best be on your ‘A’ game week in and week out or you will fall behind the rest of the pack! Be prepared to play all your cards, from the draft to the waiver wire. This league makes every single week of football exciting and fun, as we discuss all the latest news and all the incredible plays we witness from Thursday night to Monday night. This league has no rest and that’s how fantasy football should be enjoyed. “



“The Pat’s Fan”

” Being in this league for just one season, it’s been the most fun I’ve had in FF. Win or lose, you’ll end up having a great time as well. Plus the shit talking is gold, just don’t get butt hurt about it. “



“The closet Taylor Swift fan”

” This league is one of the best I’ve ever played in, it’s competitive all season long and the trash talking is definitely a perk. The short bench makes things interesting, especially once bye weeks hit. Do yourself a favor and join this league if the opportunity arises, it’s by far the most competitive league I’ve been part of, even more so than my paid leagues. “



The league welcomes Erik. He enters our league with an extensive background in playing FF. This will be Erik’s 12th season, having been commissioner of his own league for 5 years back east. He has also played in an exclusive IDP only league. Despite being surrounded by Cowboy fans in the heartland of Texas he still remains a diehard Ravens fan. Welcome and good luck Erik.



The league welcomes Zach. He is entering his Eighth season of FF and currently also runs his own family league up in Wisconsin. He and Rob served in the Navy together. Zach’s home league lines up closely with ours, so we look forward to seeing if he can dethrone his bud and capture the 2018 Championship. Welcome and good luck Zach.



The league welcomes Ryan. The league is super stoked to have him aboard as he has been playing FF for 15+ years. Currently he manages his own Dynasty league with work buddies. Ryan is keen to  experience the short bench roster setup of our league and is committed to keeping the Championship in the “old pueblo”.  Welcome and good luck Ryan.



The league welcomes Jeremy. He enters his third season of fantasy and his first one playing on the Yahoo platform. After running his own league last year and understanding how difficult it can be to find great candidates who are committed to playing hard through the season Jeremy is looking forward to playing in a complete league where all managers are gunning for the Championship. His enthusiasm and determination to make it to the next level makes him a perfect fit for our league. Welcome and good luck Jeremy.



The league welcomes Konner. At a young age he has already racked up four years of Fantasy experience, playing different formats on various platforms. Konner is willing to commit to the league long term and looks forward to being given the opportunity to “bring it” against seasoned competition. Despite being an east coaster he is a die-hard Cowboys fan and in his own words “Aspires to go to a game at Philly in a Romo jersey and get beer dumped on him as the Boys win.” Welcome and good luck Konner.



“The Juggernaut”

The league welcomes Russ. He is a self-proclaimed Fantasy Football “junkie” entering his 8th season. Originally from Wisconsin, Russ has migrated his love of beer, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers to Silicon valley. He is also the commissioner of long standing friends, family, and a high stakes league that drafts annually at the 49er’s Levi’s Stadium. Russ is keen to put his skills to test in our league, where the short bench and IDP add a new dimension to FF. Welcome and good luck Russ.